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Domestic Wire Products

All of our domestic products are suitable for DIY fitment

Wire products for items in the kitchen, such as

  • Retail wire wine racks
  • Wine bottle holders of various designs
  • Stemware glass hangers
  • Spice wire baskets
  • Spice wire racks 1, 2 and 3 tier to suite a variety of container sizes
  • Chrome heavy duty up market vegetable baskets on double ball bearing runners
  • Vegetable baskets with runners
  • Rubbish bin brackets
  • Wire plate racks
  • Wire dish cloth arms
  • Pullout baskets on runners for general storage

Wire chromed products for walk in cupboard, such as

  • Tie hangers, pull out
  • Trouser hangers, pull out
  • Skirt hangers, pull out
  • Shoe racks pull out, for floor or multiple layer mounting
  • Bathroom towel hangers

Wire products for the garden

  • Wire products for the garden
  • Fencing for flower beds etc, powder coated
  • Braai grids

Wire Storage Shelfs

Domestic Wire Dustbin Frame

Gallery of some of our domestic wire products:

Wire Wine Bottle Holder

Wire Wine Bottle Holder

Wire Magazine Rack

Wire Plate Drying Rack

Wire Basket Drawers

Wire Shoe Rack

Wire Basket Drawer

Wire Paper Trays

Domestic Wire Spice Rack




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